• Supply System

    Machine of production – Rolls – Made in Germany. Grand of Resin – LG, Formosa Plastics Group, The Kaiteki Company. MBS – Kaneka, Formosa Plastics Group, LG, ROHM HAAS.

  • Production System

    Our old technicians of production department are specialized in PVC industry for over 16 years.

  • QC System

    We have special QC staff and strictly control vinyl purchasing from begin and after production.

  • Packing System

    There’s sticker on every bag and pallet for easy recognition with normal format. Stickers with customized information are also available.

Welcome to HuiSu QinYe

ChangZhou HuiSu QinYe Plastic Group has established for more than 16 years, with 8 plants to offer all kinds of Plastic products, including PVC RIGID CLEAR SHEET, PVC FLEXIBLE FILM, PVC GREY BOARD, PVC FOAM BOARD, PET SHEET and ACRYLIC SHEET. Widely used for packages, sign, decoration and other area.

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Company News

Company News

  • PVC Flexible Film

    Clear marine grade PVC film is very flexible and durable. It has been specifically developed for outdoor use as windows, whether on dry land, near water or on watercraft. This PVC film can be sewn through but it is also tough enough to stand up to heavy use.

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  • PVC Strip Curtains

    Strips of PVC individually hung from stainless, galvanised steel or aluminium track for internal or external use

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